Arts & Craft "Therapy"

For all ages. A great way for family & friends to have fun! Acrylic painting, drawing, and crafts with wood. Art reduces stress and anxiety levels. It is good therapy for cancer and other illnesses as well as for older adults by allowing them to express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The list of benefits go on, and it is long!

Mastering Your Money

Financial Literacy Beginner’s Course: Learn to make money  work “for” you in a fun and informative way. Topics covered are basic banking, financial statements, a plan to reach your financial goals, and what is the “Latte Factor”.  We also have Thrive Time a “Money and Life Reality Game” can be used as part of mastering your money class or on its own. In this reality game, teens will learn to face money and life decisions with money. Healthy spending habits, retirement, planning, saving and investing, and more.

Infinite Possibilities

The Art of Living Your Dreams where you will learn the truth about how your “Thoughts Become Things” and it will empower you to start creating your life with purpose! Participate virtually or in-person and enjoy lively discussions and meet like-minded people to take this journey with you. 

I Believe in Me (Infinite possibilities for kids) Children ages 5-9 and 10-15 years old. Designed to promote lifelong learning traits in youth that lead to successful, happy lives by showing curiosity about human nature, how the world works, and by seeking and valuing diversity through new positive & productive solutions.

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Janet Morris
Designer - Minio